(Rebuild Of) Client/Server: 3 Song Demo

Among the many CDs and demo CD/Rs that I get handed at gigs, most of them I never get around to writing about, but I’m going to draw your attention to this three-track, forty-plus minute CD/R by Tokyo-based multinational drone/noise band (Rebuild Of) Client/Server. Like the most excessive, scuzzed-out, lo-fi extremes of Flying Saucer Attack, they bring an almost pastoral, psychedelic bliss to their particular brand of earsplitting fuzz/feedback jams, and as you might expect, it’s music that’s far more about texture than it is about tunes per se. That said, the second track, the comparatively restrained just-short-of-ten-minute Hanging Rock, manages to temper the brutality with something genuinely pretty. You can listen to demo recordings of all three tracks that to be honest, aren’t a million miles removed in terms of sound quality from the appealingly rough-edged CD versions at the band’s Soundcloud or it can be downloaded in its complete form here.


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2 responses to “(Rebuild Of) Client/Server: 3 Song Demo

  1. “Hanging Rock”, wow. They have an orchestral sense of texture and movement. Sonically, feels like an even split between Brian Eno and Jimi Hendrix–both meant in good ways. With great American bands, I often start to wonder and speculate right away what sort of guitar/amplifier/cabinet/fx setup they’re using. This band’s sound is distinctive enough that it makes me wonder the same thing, for several different parts, unusual in my limited experience with J-Pop, where my ear either goes straight to the synthesizers, or I don’t wonder at all (that would be a bad sign).

    • I think this band are about two thirds American. It was actually a British group that they reminded me of at first, Flying Saucer Attack, although I realise there must be loads of bands the world over exploring this kind of stuff in different ways.

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