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(Rebuild Of) Client/Server: 3 Song Demo

Among the many CDs and demo CD/Rs that I get handed at gigs, most of them I never get around to writing about, but I’m going to draw your attention to this three-track, forty-plus minute CD/R by Tokyo-based multinational drone/noise band (Rebuild Of) Client/Server. Like the most excessive, scuzzed-out, lo-fi extremes of Flying Saucer Attack, they bring an almost pastoral, psychedelic bliss to their particular brand of earsplitting fuzz/feedback jams, and as you might expect, it’s music that’s far more about texture than it is about tunes per se. That said, the second track, the comparatively restrained just-short-of-ten-minute Hanging Rock, manages to temper the brutality with something genuinely pretty. You can listen to demo recordings of all three tracks that to be honest, aren’t a million miles removed in terms of sound quality from the appealingly rough-edged CD versions at the band’s Soundcloud or it can be downloaded in its complete form here.


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