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Interview: SuiseiNoboAz

Another piece for MTV 81 that went up earlier this month was an interview I did with Tokyo indie rock trio SuiseiNoboAz (the headline of the article capitalises the wrong letter of the band name, but that should teach them for having weird capitalisation in the first place). There’s not much to say here other than that it was more interesting than I was expecting. Japanese indie bands don’t often have much to say for themselves, and can be infuriating in their insistence on answering every question in the vaguest possible way, but there were a couple of things that came out of this that surprised me with their frankness. The point about the album title and Ishihara’s explanation of the way he was feeling at the time was interesting, and if I’d been speaking to him directly rather than by email, or if there had been time for follow-up questions, I would have asked him whether it had anything to do with the 2011 earthquake — the album came out in June 2011, so it would have been coming together in the immediate aftermath of the quake, but at the same time, I think I agree with him that there was (and maybe still is) a lot of otaku-ish sentimentalism around the place (what I call “trauma porn”), and perhaps the immediate effect of a genuine disaster and tragedy it’s easy to see how real world events could show up the superficiality of that sort of thing. I don’t know if that’s where he was coming from, but at least, that’s how his comments chimed with me.

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