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Perfume: JPN

CD, Tokuma (2011)

This Japan Times review of idol trio Perfume’s latest album proved a bit controversial, with some J-pop fans angry at me for comparing them to Girls’ Generation, which seemed like a reasonable comparison to make since both groups released electropop-influenced albums in the same market in the same year, with broadly similar first week sales (Girls’ Generation sold a few tens of thousands more I think, but both comfortably cracked 200,000 units sold in their first week).

Other fans were angry at me for the heinous crime of not being “objective”. For their benefit, I took the liberty of providing them with a handy fill-in-the-gaps objective music review that they can use for future releases. Another guy was upset because I treated the album as if producer Yasutaka Nakata was the only important thing about it and didn’t give credit to the talents of the girls themselves, who he believed were being stifled by their parasitical producer.

Anyway, suffice to say I don’t think JPN is all that great, although that said, it’s still better than any other Japanese album that sold more than 200,000 copies in its first week in 2011.

Perfume: Natural ni Koishite

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