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kikoenaifuriwoshita – fall into a coma

Hailing from Aomori in northeastern Japan, Kikoenaifuriwoshita trade in a sort of wistfully melodic post-pop, blending electronic elements — a beat here, a loop there — with the organic and acoustic. The instrumental third track Suisō represents the softer edge of that approach, with chiming reverberations of soft rock guitar wandering over a simple programmed beat, incorporating a looping piano after a while, then synth as the band continue to add layers. Around that core approach, the band bring in vocals for the song Dancehall no Ame, a cover of Tokyo-based underground singer-songwriter Kenichi Fumoto, while the closing Hoshi ga Shizumu throws an eerie cast on the group’s prog-tinted musical daydreams, stripping away the easy listening soft focus musical elements and letting the effects-drenched textures rise to the surface.

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