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Strange Boutique (July 2011)

I have a big backlog of columns to update here, so I’ll start with July’s. Despite what some J-pop fans seem to think (judging from the complaint emails The Japan Times seems to receive from time to time), I’m not some angry K-pop partisan out to trash all Japanese pop music, but they are right insofar as I’m not at all impressed at all with the state of the mainstream pop scene in this country at the moment.

Things, however, were not always thus. The 1970s was a golden age for Japanese mainstream pop, for reasons that I tried to scratch the surface of in an earlier column, and so I returned to that theme over the summer for my top five picks of golden age girl pop songs. The article can be read in full on The Japan Times web site here, but I’ll add links to the songs I chose below.

Chiyo Okumura: Kitakuni no Aoi Sora (1967)

Saori Minami: Natsu no Kanjou (1974)

Momoe Yamaguchi: Hitonatsu no Keiken (1974)

Mari Natsuki: Natsu no Yoake wa Kanashii no (1976)

Candies: Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu (1977)

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