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Like Acid Juan’s Group: FowaFuwa Mantol

I’m just going to cut the preamble here and say that some stuff just hits your button and that for me this is it. This track by Japanese electronic musician/DJ Juan Hasegawa is Michael Bundt’s La Chasse Aux Microbes colliding with, I don’t know, let’s say Liaisons Dangerouses’ Los Niños Del Parque in a glorious, minimalist eight-minute Teutonic synthgasm. It’s a shamelessly 70s/80s sound (in particular one with strong echoes of late 70s krautrock experiments and early 80s NDW/EBM), but unlike so many bands that borrow from the past, this is a sound that still sounds so futuristic that it might as well be from the year 3014. The squelchy sequencer bass throbs away like a production line in a factory producing cyborg brain implants while a limping android percussion clanks by in the background. In the meantime the synths swoop by like elegant aircars, the serenity of which contrasts with and imbues with neon beauty the distorted sounds of someone idly channel-surfing through a sentient computer’s nightmares. Electronic music at its most utopian.

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