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Golpe Mortal / Veleno Spina – Modern Barometz Vol. 1 // Veleno Spina – Manage Your Anger

Both Golpe Mortal and Veleno Spina trade in rhythms that you could call vaguely teutonic if “vague” didn’t seem like such an utterly inappropriate word for the relentless industrial jackhammer beats and sequencer pulses that characterise both artists’ work. Both artists’ tracks hover in the border zone between EBM and techno, a fantasy soundtrack to a lost low budget experimental sci-fi horror film set in an imagined Cold War Berlin warehouse party, with Golpe Mortal’s leaning more on the sequencer patterns on EP opener Engulfed in Truth and the Liaisons Dangereusesque Abuse Your Freedom, while Veleno Spina’s side of the EP is more brutally industrial, an engulfing percussive clatter of machinery running through the closing Ooze.

That combination of a relentless, heavy kick with the metallic, mechanic clatter of percussion also characterises Veleno Spina’s own EP, Manage Your Anger, released earlier in the year. The acidic synth squelches of early 1990s rave filtered through the minimal, monochrome claustrophobia of 1980s industrial mean that Veleno Spina (and Golpe Mortal in his own subtly different way) sits tentatively balanced on a pivot between utopia and dystopia.

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