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New band recommendations for 2012

Another short piece I had in today’s Japan Times was a list of five bands I recommend for 2012. A couple of them have been around for a while (since 2010) but none of them have releases other than their own self-produced CD/Rs yet, and I think they still count as freshmen by Japanese indie standards.

Hysteric PicnicA band I discovered quite recently and who hit all my new wave buttons. Heavily influenced by Joy Division, but the drum machine and some of the guitar parts remind me of Young Marble Giants too.

Buddy Girl and MechanicPsychedelic kraut-blues. Love them.

otoriThese guys have played at my events a few times and they always rip it up. They’re still growing and building a catalogue of songs, but they’re already pretty hot.

Pop OfficeOne of the hottest new Nagoya bands. I’ve written about them here.

Kobayashi DororiI put this band in to sort of represent everything in Kumamoto, which is basically impossible because there’s such a variety of different kinds of music there. I really liked their CD though: quirky, entertaining, interesting musically, mixing pop and postpunk in a fun, accessible way. And yeah, the guitarist drew an erotic manga about the album.


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