DJ Topgear – Mugen no Orokasa (Infinity of Stupidity)

DJ Topgear is a British-born, Tokyo-based maker of experimental electronic mindfuckery with a true psychedelic’s paranoid compass for the spiralling chaos of a world falling apart. Dropping Mugen no Orokasa (Infinity of Stupidity) in early 2020, amid the infinitely idiotic sub-political theatrics of events like Brexit and whatever electoral idiocy the Americans are currently playing at, as the fragile time-sensitive supply lines that hold civilisation together begin to fray and come undone thanks to that virus everyone’s talking about, while through it all the internet boldly and inexorably screams its quarrelsome chorus of infantile nonsense and rage, the timing seems… appropriate? Because while Mugen no Orokasa is not explicitly about any of these themes, it feels like an album born out of the same world that gave us them, and — disturbingly — it seems to be having quite a lot of fun in there. Opening track Military Grade Viral Disinformation Network begins with a sample of Alan Moore expounding wisely on the theme of the transformative shamanic dance that underscores all art, before a drum’n’bass beat takes over and sets to work twisting the anarchic threads of the broken structures that fall around it and fashioning them into its own sort of grotesque metaphysical party soundsystem. This frenetic blast of beats and cut-up pop cultural transmissions, edged with portentous gilding of industrial menace, powers through pretty much the whole album, ensuring that the darkness never tilts the album over into a pure exercise in cynicism and giving it a righteous cosmic energy that can’t help but be essentially positive.

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