Top 20 Releases of 2016: No.12 – V/A – Drriill Session

va - Drriill Session

CD, Drriill, 2016

When writing about the Provoke compilation (No.20 in this rundown) I mentioned the balance between consistency and diversity that anyone putting together a compilation like this has to navigate to make an interesting record. Provoke achieved consistency by drawing from a set of artists who all shared very similar musical (and visual) aesthetics with the result that the album felt very naturally a single piece.

Released later the same year and featuring one of the same bands in Burgh (who also graced the Rhyming Slang Tour Van indie compilation in 2016) Drriill Session is another postpunk compilation, this time put together by scene veterans You Got A Radio. Drriill Session aims for consistency by the more elaborate method of bringing most of its five bands together into the same studio and recording them with the same engineer (Jungo from Anisakis, who also released the fine Butsukari Ie no Akaritachi through Drriill in 2016), with the exception of Nagoya-based Vodovo, who recorded under basically the same conditions in their hometown. This No New York-esque approach gives the album a similar sound and weight while at the same time bridging the gap between the minimal synth hysteria of D.I.S. and the almost Britpoppy Black & White.

There’s a ragtag feel to the selection of songs, as if the bands poured whatever ideas they had to hand into the sessions rather than carefully honed and selected a polished, finished product, with the D.I.S. tracks in particular functioning more as intermissions dispersed throughout the album than as a finished collection of songs. That looseness is part of the album’s appeal though, making it sound like a creative process still partly underway.

Elsewhere, Vodovo are a relatively new band, although their roots in the older Nagoya band Zymotics are audible. With Zymotics already having been a heavily bass-led band, Vodovo literally double down on that sound with a grinding, doom-laden twin-bass-no-guitar relentlessness. It’s You Got A Radio themselves who are the real standout, however, in what seems like it will be their final recorded outing together as band. they contribute three songs, with the first two, Parsec and What I Need? showcasing the band’s emotionally taut, jagged art-punk side, while their fine sense of new wave pop craftsmanship is on display on I Can See The White Horse.
Drriill Session (2-minute digest)

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