Top 20 Releases of 2015: No.14– Pika – Ryu no Sumika

Ryu no Sumika

CD, Telegraph Records, 2015

Another album that strictly speaking should have been on last year’s list was (the now at least temporarily reformed) Afrirampo drummer Pika’s Ryu no Sumika solo album, which sneaked out in December but only came to my attention a couple of months later. An eclectic collection of folk, psychedelia, avant-garde anti-music, wonky pop and spacerock, it was a charming record, if a little difficult-to-pin-down. At the time, I noted the apparently festival-ready nature of some of the songs, remarking that on the album it was the darker moments like Sen, in collaboration with Nanao Tavito, that made the album stand out.

In the summer, I encountered Pika again at Fuji Rock, where she was performing on a small stage as Moon Mama, with a backing band drawn from some of the long list of collaborators on this album. Experienced from a grassy bank, under the afternoon sun, the music from this album took on a fresh texture, its sunnier moments opening up to the sky and the darker corners peering in from the depths of the forest that surrounded us. OK, so only a couple of hundred people got to see that hidden festival highlight, but what it helped reveal of Ryu no Sumika is still there in the album for anyone to find – an exhuberant explosion of creative talent from not only its nominal star but also the raft of supremely talented performers with whom she collaborates.

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