Lif is the solo project of Soh Oouchi from postpunk band Hysteric Picnic, but while it retains some roots in 80s underground music, it’s an altogether more experimental, more uncompromising beast. Starting out with Acid‘s abstract electronic doodles, second track Blue Sex quickly resorts to stabbing the page with a barrage of throbbing industrial pulses, clanks and crashes and this broadly establishes the parameters of the album. The other key ingredient is the samples, with Happiness asking over and over again the question “What does happiness mean to you?” until its relentless, mechanical consistency has drained the question of all meaning. Elsewhere, the samples are hacked to pieces, reversed and distorted so that they no longer resemble words or indeed human sounds of any kind. Closing track CNS takes this to extremes, ensuring the album climaxes in what I can only describe as a brutal soup infested with robot piranhas. And fittingly so.

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