Under: 4 girlls soooooon

Under is a difficult artist to write about because there is so little reason and rhyme in the prolific and seemingly indiscriminate way she releases her material that it’s hard to know what exactly to write about. The excellent short demo collection that was one of my picks of last year has already disappeared, absorbed anonymously into a pair of compilations that selectively round up a couple of years worth of work. That little act of house cleaning hasn’t stopped the flood of cryptically titled tracks from this enigmatic artist’s bedroom though, with this gorgeous collection of four songs the closest thing to a coherent EP or mini album to recently emerge from the clutter.

The atmosphere of misty rural sunrises that characterises almost everything Under records still dominates the sound, with the vocals this time buried so deeply in the pastoral drone that they are a barely distinct, yet still hypnotic presence, a Lady of the Lake singing hymns to Avalon from within her watery dwelling. The new material keeps emerging, but these are songs that work best sharing each other’s company rather than as discrete tracks and this little collection is all the more precious for its unity and shared context.

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