cryv: K.O.B.E.

Cryv (pronounced “Cruyff” as in the Dutch footballing legend and not to be confused with the Japanese shoegaze band Cruyff in the Bedroom) are a synth-and-guitar-based unit who I first encountered about a decade ago. I then lost touch with what they were doing, their name occasionally making blips across my radar to remind me that they were still around, and this new video is the first music I’ve heard from them in a long time.

K.O.B.E. incorporates electronic, Shibuya-kei and post-rock elements, multiple stops, starts, chops and changes, into what turns out to have been a rather fine three-minute pop song all along. The rhythmical hiccups themselves quickly settle into a loop, with layers adding on top to the point where the organic and synthetic elements of the arrangement blend into each other to a point where they become almost impossible to separate. The video does rather highlight the dangers of Japanese bands putting their English lyrics up on too obvious display without rigorous, native-level proofreading, but it visually nails the band’s wistful early 2000s sonic aesthetic pretty damn well.

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