Strange Boutique (July 2014)

My July column was on Yoko Ono, who took a lot of flak for just basically doing at Glastonbury what she’s been doing for decades and people still seem to enjoy being surprised and shocked at. She played at Fuji Rock the weekend after the column came out with a band packed with local avant-garde royalty, while her band at Glastonbury was Yo La Tengo.Yoko Ono: Don’t Worry Kyoko (live at Glastonbury 2014)

Originally I wanted to have the headline as “Don’t Worry Yoko” and the opening line as, “Just what is wrong with Yoko Ono”, but that got condensed down and had the ambiguity taken out resulting in the headline “Just what is so wrong about Yoko Ono”. I preferred my earlier phrasing because it sounds like I’m going to take a shot at her, but then the more benign meaning takes hold once you realise I’m actually defending her.

Anyway, I don’t love Yoko’s music but certainly don’t hate it. Other artists now do what she does better than her (Laurie Anderson is a hero of mine) but she did a lot of it first and still sounds fresher than a lot of hyped young contemporary musicians and singers. Good on her is all I can really say.Yoko Ono: Don’t Worry Kyoko (live at Toronto Rock & Roll Revival 1969)

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