Interview: Chi-na

To coincide with the release of their new mini album Docci, I interviewed Chi-na for The Japan Times. Chi-na aren’t the sort of band I would normally expect to like, but there’s such an irrepressible joy to their music and performance, and they manage to avoid falling into the songwriting clichés of both J-pop and Rockin’ On-style indie rock in such a way that any time spent with their music is happy time. Docci is more eclectic than 2012’s Granville, and you might say more introspective. Again I find their devotion to putting the music first charming where I might sneer it off as a cliché from someone else — Chi-na walk the walk, as they say. You can read the feature here.Chi-na: Syllabus

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  1. Chris

    On the way to the office just 5 minutes ago I was listening to Granville again after a very long time and still love every minute of it…such a weird coincidence this is the first e-mail notification i get in my inbox when I come back. I’m looking forward to this new album!

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