Convex Level: State of Things / Ashy Sleep

Despite having been around for what seems like forever, Japanese postpunk trio Convex Level only really came onto this blog’s radar due to their touring relationship with Clear And Refreshing favourites Extruders. And from these two tracks which the band are giving away for free, taken from the band’s current donotcl album, it’s easy to see to appeal Convex Level would hold for a band as deeply immersed in minimalist postpunk dynamics and sweet, but understated melody as Extruders.

State of Things is a more pretty conventional new wave/80s rock tune with that chugging mid-paced beat and “Ah-ahh” backing harmonies that a lot of songs of that era seemed to have but you can’t really put your finger on a single one that memorably did so. It’s still very well put together though, with the harmonies and key changes dropping in at the moments of maximum effectiveness to either disconcert or give a heartstopping endorphin surge — not to mention a proper guitar solo slap bang in the middle of the song. Played a bit faster it could have been as good as Martha & The Muffins’ Paint By Number Heart, but as it is, it’s still solid. Of the two tracks, Ashy Sleep is the killer though, alternating between a taut new wave-reggae bass/drum interaction that underlies the verses a the driving, powerpop chorus. There’s something terribly reminiscent of Roxanne by The Police to it, and although it’s hard to know how flattering the band would consider that comparison, be assured, I definitely mean it in the most favourable sense.

It’s also worth noting about both these songs just how nicely produced they are. Between the flat, soft-edged tedium of mainstream pop production and the equally flat, scuzzy amateurishness of most indie recording, Convex Level (who absolutely not coincidentally share an engineer with Extruders) seem to have found a niche that captures the mixture of glacial and intimate that characterised so much of the best music of the late 70s and early 80s.

Download both tracks from Convex Level’s web site here.


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2 responses to “Convex Level: State of Things / Ashy Sleep

  1. Jim

    I’m late to this, just back after a week in the woods. Nice to see, on returning, a Marthas & Muffins reference (excellent typo too, that’d’ve been a great song). And the guitar solo does sound MarkGane-ish, without quite his geeky brittlness, but maybe a bit more pace would’ve done that too.
    They’ve been on my mind recently because of the lyrical/thematic resemblance of “Monotone” to Miu Mau’s “Monochrome Weekend” — a track which didn’t really hit me until the third listen, and now seems a gem of a pop song, especially the way it ends while you’re still wanting another shot of that sweep into the chorus.
    Do you know the Muffins’ Hokkaido tune, “Was Ezo”? One of their best I think, done by the “second” Martha, Ms Ladly. She gave them more active emotions, as opposed to the wallflower sadness of the founders.

    • Eep! Typo fixed!

      Was Ezo is a great song, yeah. I have the vinyl of Trance & Dance somewhere, although it’s probably locked away in a box in my parents’ house now. They were a band really associated with a certain sort of punk-pop song with a peppy rhythm but deadpan vocals, but I really like the songs they did that went off on a totally different tack. About Insomnia and Sinking Land are great songs that really stick out for being so different to what you’re expecting from them.

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