Top 20 Releases of 2013: No.3 – Deltas – Float in the Light

This electronic duo from Fukuoka came onto our radar in 2012 via a hypnotic live performance at Utero (Fukuoka’s finest live venue) and a CD/R mini-album cryptically titled √DL_TS 2. This full-length album revisits some of the same material, dialling back on the more brutal noise extremes for the most part, but at the same time retaining its avant-garde ethos and incorporating it into the more ambient, organic elements seamlessly and coherently (as a side note, if any readers here can get the term “glitchgaze” trending on Twitter, that would be just marvellous).

Images from nature abound in the songs, but they’re filtered through the prism of technology: synthesised, interrupted, chopped up and spliced so that the resulting music staggers like a Frankenstein’s monster, a digital-organic cyborg sound that lashes out in dissonant bursts of noise like the magnificent pls=152 or drifts through space in ambient nature sounds like for˧t Oƒ W▲Ter. These elements are combined in all manner of creative ways, with a great example being Xt/Qm, a Kyushu shipping forecast cut and manipulated electronically to a beat, the band incorporating the inconstant FM signal, itself influenced by the weather conditions the radio reports, into the music.

Float in the Light is a restlessly creative album but more than that it’s a coherent artistic statement by an inordinately talented duo and one of the most striking, original albums of not only last year but in a long long time.

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