Top 20 Releases of 2013: No.19 – Rebel One Excalibur – Rebel One Excalibur

Rebel One Excalibur

CD, self-released, 2013

This eponymous album by Fukushima post-hardcore band Rebel One Excalibur is a winner not only for having the best band name of the year but for the brutal power and energy captured superbly on record by Seb Roberts of Crypt City. Epic, ten minute-long opening track Zanpano does a fantastic job of encapsulating a sample the band’s precision, intelligence and tightly controlled fury in one package, but this is just a starting point for explorations that each subsequent track takes further. Mada Kimetenai is a ponderous, shouty art-punk grind of the kind that Panicsmile do so well, although with a heavier, more progressive, almost metallic edge, while Big Business makes its way through harsh, percussive intro before eventually entering almost dub territory. It’s intense and utterly relentless listening, but with the inventiveness of a skilled torturer Rebel One Excalibur consistently find ways to inflict new and thrilling kinds of discomfort, to the point where the massive release of tension delivered by the almost straightforward punk number that closes the album feels transformative at the end of an emotionally exhausting ride.Rebel One Excalibur: Zanpano


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