Quit Your Band!

Slow posting this month and last month has been partly due to event preparations but mostly due to something called Quit Your Band!, a Japanese-language punk/indie zine I’ve been putting together with Ryotaro Aoki from Don’t Cross The Streams and my darling wife Kaname.

Quit Your Band!

I’m not going to go into loads of detail about the content but it covers a lot of the same stuff I write about here in English and one of the articles is a slightly updated translation of my Nakigao Twintail/idol music post from earlier in the year so Japanese readers can get their knickers in a twist over a willfully misinterpreted reading of my argument just like their squealing overseas brethren. It also includes a Japanese version of my interview with the Extruders and various original articles and art contributions.

The other thing it includes is Mir’s new mini-album Я не могу без тебя (“Ya ne mogu bez tebya”, or “I can’t live without you”) in its entirety. As I’ve mentioned before, Mir were one of the first bands I released on Call And Response and so it’s fitting to feature them with the first issue of the zine.

Anyway, the zines, CDs and jacket artwork all arrived in time and we’ve finished packaging it all up. Releasing a new CD always feels satisfying, but releasing a new CD as part of something that we’ve all had creative input into is a very different feeling. Creating a physical paper zine feels so different to blogging or even writing for the newspaper as well. The release party is in about half a day and if it goes off even a tenth as well as the show with Hyacca last month, it’ll be a great welcome for the new zine.


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5 responses to “Quit Your Band!

  1. Launching a paper zine in 2013… Wow. Good luck!

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