Futtachi: Siam

I’ve been writing quite a lot about bands from Kagoshima recently, and part of the reason for that has to do with this band, Futtachi. Formed by Iguz from garage-punk lunatics Zibanchinka (whose album Hatsubai Chushi I released from my own Call And Response label) they’re my main contact in the Kagoshima music scene and as a result, they’ve been instrumental in introducing me to some of the best local bands. The band only formed in July 2012 and along with the song Kaiko no Oto, which they recorded for my Dancing After 1AM compilation, this new song is their first proper recording.

It’s one of those psychedelic tracks that crams about five different songs (one of which appears to be Creep by Radiohead) into one, chopping and changing at will between different melodies and rhythms, before just freaking the fuck out in a frenzy of wild soloing. The video also provides a great opportunity for Iguz to to what she does best, namely waving her arms about and glaring at the camera from behind a veil of jet black hair like she’s about to crawl out of the screen and murder you, but as a song in its own right Siam stands alone, powerfully marking the arrival of a distinctive new artist in a local scene that’s often overlooked in the wider Japanese indiesphere.


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5 responses to “Futtachi: Siam

  1. Daniel

    That’s awesome! When will they have a cd of their own in shops?

  2. perfumeophile

    first things first, the recording quality is great…excellent drum sound, too

    must admit, after your buildup, iguz wasn’t quite as scary as i expected…the big time stoner guitar solo at the end, on the other hand, was worth the wait [and the hype]


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