Nile Long: Rush to the Groove

Since emerging from the wreckage of dreadfully named indie-dance band The Brixton Academy, Nile Long seem to have stripped themselves of their former band’s indie baggage and come back slicker, smoother and more intensely, unapologetically dance. Last year’s See Your Eyes was a confident slice of danceable 80s synthpop, but Rush to the Groove goes a step further and sees the band swimming in seas of pure, molten disco. Some awkward (but really rather charming) dancing in the video aside, this track confirms Nile Long, along with the excellent Give Me Wallets, as one of Tokyo’s leading purveyors of chilled out neon discopop.

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One response to “Nile Long: Rush to the Groove

  1. perfumeophile

    right up my alley.. and “chill out” hits the target…sounds like prince and early abc having a jam party after downing a few handfuls of prozac

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