The Mornings 2011 debut album now available to listen for free

Nothing new about this since the album came out in two years ago (actually not in 2010 as mistakenly claimed on the band’s Soundcloud) but The Mornings have put the whole of their debut album up online for anyone to hear in full. The main reason for them doing this is probably to give people going to South By Southwest a chance to hear them. It also draws a line under the material, which The Mornings are gradually replacing with new songs as they work on material for a new album, hopefully for release within the year. Anyway, This gives you a chance to hear why Save The Mornings was my top album of 2011 a year ago, and why Make Believe Melodies also had it in their top ten. Since The Mornings’ material doesn’t seem to allow embedding, you’ll have to go over to their Soundcloud page to listen to the album, but it’s well worth it for anyone who likes raw, fierce, stupendously silly, madly fun, loud, fast, messed-up skronk.

Check out Save The Mornings in full HERE.

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