Top 20 Releases of 2012: No.17 – Worst Taste – Tōhikō wa Owaranai

You can read the full review of this album that I wrote in October 2012 here, so please do that to get my main thoughts on this fantastic album.

Beyond what my original review states, I should add that the fact that Worst Taste maintain a very distinctive musical identity without sacrificing musical development and experimentation in their songwriting is one of the most praiseworthy aspects of the band. With bassist Naoto Kojima having departed for America last summer, just after the release of Tōhikō wa Owaranai, the band have continued to perform as Worst Taste & Special Magic, with the effects wizardry of DJ Memai filling out their sound and drawing them in a different direction, but still there, credit must go to guitar/vocalist Kaita Tanaka and drummer Mao Kato that even losing the sparse, crisp three piece arrangements that have characterised their music so far, they are still recognisably themselves.

Listening back over the album, it deserves stating again what an ace track Datsuraku no Asahi is, with its drawn-out, deliberate pace, edgy, suppressed atmosphere, and inventive arrangement displaying the group’s confidence with song styles that expand their sound into new areas. At the same time, opening track Hyper Up aptly demonstrates that when they’re in their comfort zone, Worst Taste are hard to beat in their comfort zone of hard rocking, slightly off-kilter garage-punk.

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