Top 20 releases of 2012: Intro

As with last year, I’ve compiled a list of Japanese releases from the past year that I liked, and once again I’ve arbitrarily arranged them into a ranked Top 20. Naturally this ranking is a bit meaningless since comparing a three-track EP by one band to a full-length compilation featuring a bunch of bands is always going to be an asymmetrical comparison and setting the relative merits of a lo-fi postpunk band against a mainstream J-Pop or K-Pop group is going to be equally meaningless. Even my own taste in these things fluctuates from day to day, so bear in mind that this list is only really meant to be considered in the most general terms. And of course this list is limited to stuff I personally listened to, so if your favourite album was missed out (sorry, Jesse Ruins), it might just be because I didn’t get a chance to hear it.

I’ll put the first one up today and try to make sure I upload an average of one a day until the end of the month (there may be a break during the Call And Response tour in Kyushu from the 25th-27th) to make sure the new year goes off with a flurry of activity.

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