Miu Mau: News

CD/R, Girlfriend Record, 2012

I’ve already written about Miu Mau’s excellent Mirai no Classic/Future Classic, but the all-girl Fukuoka indie supergroup have now provided us with a parent EP that sees the song sit alongside two new tracks and a couple of remixes.

Firstly, it goes without saying that Mirai no Classic is every bit the quirky new wave pop masterpiece that it always was, and that in fact repeat listens reveal more and more what a great, multi-layered piece of work this is. The song’s extra depth is largely down to Hiromi Kajiwara’s meandering guitar lines that wander through the verse before chiming in with a gorgeous descending line that perfectly offsets the chorus’ harmonies.

Of the other songs, the title track is a standout with its new wave disco beat, electro-funk synth bass and Kajiwara’s guitar playing the same flat, metallic, meandering game that was so effective on Mirai no Classic. Neon Sign is a softer-edged proposition, with vocalist Masami Takashima’s synth at the forefront and the guitar mostly confined to rhythm. There’s still a lot going on in a Sound Dust-era Stereolab sort of way, but it feels a bit lost coming after the one-two punch of the first two songs.

The remixes begin with Mirai no Classic (here referred to by its English title of Future Classic) slowed and stretched into a minimalist dub piece and close with News, playing up its electro-funk trappings, paring back the guitar and transforming itself into a synth-swooping space-disco number. Neither is exactly essential, but both do the job of a remix effectively (drawing out and refocussing aspects of the original in an interesting way) and together they round off this diverse, assured and generally thoroughly high quality collection neatly.

Miu Mau: News (Live at Yakuin Utero, Fukuoka)

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