And About Hers: Bali Song

This is just one of the most deliriously fun and silly things out there. And About Hers play a kind of shambolic guitar pop that has nothing to do with painstaking recreation of 1980s British indie, precious little to do with 1990s Japanese post-Flipper’s Guitar pop, but a great deal to do with an irrepressible party atmosphere and a cheerful disregard for their own musical limitations wrapped wround an instinctive ear for a simple, catchy melody and a disarmingly sophisticated arrangement. Main vocalist Aoi’s clumsy, rambling monologues contrast with a euphoric chorus in which all four members chip in, the whole thing interspersed with nonsensical musical and vocal interjections that jump out at you from such unexpected angles that you can’t help by grin madly to yourself. Ace trumpet solo too.

Also, a quick note on the video, which is every bit as fun and silly as the song, with fact that it’s clearly been filmed on a thoroughly grey, windy, miserable day somehow accentuating the unflappable devotion to fun that the band radiate. Yes, they all look as if they’re about twelve years old (they’re not), but there’s also a maturity, self-awareness and confidence about this that brings the audience in on the whole game without ever descending into irony. A soundtrack to parties on the beach or a pick-me-up for a rainy afternoon, Bali Song is as pure and sincere a bundle of smiles as you could wish for.

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